Colonial Purchasing We’ll do the work, you save the time and money.

Colonial Purchasing was started in 2004 to help enable companies to purchase raw materials at fair market value, across the board. By doing so, we hope that we can equip our members to better serve the packaged media industry.

Colonial Purchasing is a group purchasing organization devoted to the media manufacturing industry.

Colonial Purchasing was founded by individuals with significant operating and board level experience who have an understanding of media manufacturing industries needs and finances. Our team has experience dealing with contracts and purchasing within the corporate world. Our vendor partners are selected based on surveys of members and will continue to grow along with the need of our members.

Potential areas where
we could save you money:


• Ink

• Sleeves

• Overwrap

• Polycarbonate

• Plating (Galvanics) 

• Machine Spare Parts 

• Used Equipment

• Transportation & Logistics

Additional member benefits:

• Shared Spare Parts – Member helps a member program

• Discounted admission ‘Making Vinyl’ U.S. events

• Discounts on additional partner event registrations

• Password access to online presentations

Becoming a Member

Becoming a member is simple, and you start saving immediately! Contact us for the membership application, review, fill out, and send it back. Once a member, your contact info will be sent out to all our vendors.

Important: Being a member does not mean that you have to purchase products that we have negotiated for, that decision is up to you. However, we hope that the quality and pricing of the products we do have will be a non-issue for you to switch.

Member Rebate Program

In many cases, Colonial Purchasing will have a rebate program in place. This is a fairly simple but effective component of the buying group.

The rebate program helps the vendor establish a reasonable market invoice price without destroying market pricing, knowing that if the group meets their commitment levels, then a rebate would be distributed.

When the members receive their rebates, they suddenly realize that these funds go directly to the bottom line!

Additional Rebates can be structured when the group exceeds projections. This is most often achieved by bringing new members on during the timeframe of the rebate.

Becoming a Vendor

If you are a vendor wishing to participate in the Colonial Purchasing Group, contact us for the Vendor Inquiry Form, complete the form, and email or mail it to us. We will contact you to discuss your ideas to help our members save money on their purchases.

Vendor Benefits

Vendors of the Colonial Purchasing Group purchasing program have a unique opportunity to build business relationships with its valued members.

In addition, vendors receive a variety of benefits that offer recognition and visibility among members and constituents of the Colonial Purchasing Group.

Vendors are promoted to current and prospective Colonial Purchasing Group members through select materials, as well as periodic communication designed to educate members about discounted products/services available for purchase.

Vendors receive logo placement on the Colonial Purchasing Group “Physical World” Newsletter.

Vendors receive logo placement at the Colonial Purchasing Group Annual Meeting and are recognized in the meeting program book distributed to all attendees.

Vendors receive logo placement at the Colonial Purchasing Group Annual Meeting and are recognized in the meeting program.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Colonial Purchasing Co-Op?

The Colonial Purchasing Co-Op is a cost savings vehicle available to participating members. The purpose of the Colonial Purchasing Co-Op is to leverage purchasing strength through membership in order to acquire goods and services at lower prices. GPO’s are not resellers, but rather contract negotiators. GPO members are entitled to purchase through these negotiated contracts.

I don’t understand how the Colonial Purchasing Co-Op service works; could you briefly explain it?

The Colonial Purchasing Co-Op negotiates contracts directly with suppliers. Once you are registered with the Colonial Purchasing Co-Op, you can purchase directly through the supplier while utilizing the savings the Colonial Purchasing Co-Op has negotiated. It is simple and fast. The Colonial Purchasing Co-Op is here to answer any questions you have, negotiate contracts on your behalf, and act as a general advocate for purchasing within the media manufacturing industry.

What is the membership cost and obligation?

There is a low joining fee and annual membership fee, and no obligation to purchase. If you would like to speak to a representative, please call us.

How does a company participate?

Click on Become a Member on the Colonial Purchasing Co-Op home page and complete the short application.

What kinds of products and services are available to my company and how do I access the discount?

A complete list of our vendors and discounts will be available on . Our vendor portfolio will be extensive and will include products and services such as Polycarbonate, Lacquer, Ink, Cases and more.

What are the benefits my company can expect once we sign up with the Colonial Purchasing Co-Op?
  • We save you time, money and resources because we’ve done the procurement process for you.
  • If your preferred supplier is part of the Colonial Purchasing Co-Op, you can use your local sales representative and purchase directly through them, while still receiving the savings.
  • We intervene with suppliers to work out misunderstandings.
Do I buy directly through theColonial Purchasing Co-Op?

No, the Colonial Purchasing Co-Op does not warehouse or sell any products or services to our members. We simply facilitate access to special contract pricing for our members. Your company will purchase directly with our contract suppliers and/or manufacturers.

How can I be sure that I will save money?

We encourage you to compare our pricing to that of your current suppliers or other potential suppliers to ensure we are providing our members with the lowest pricing possible. If you find a lower price, please contact us so we can revisit our contract and change it accordingly

How can I become an authorized Colonial Purchasing Co-Op supplier?

If your organization is interested in becoming an authorized Colonial Purchasing Co-Op supplier, please select the authorized suppliers tab at and complete the supplier application.

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