Synchronicity Mastering Services

Prior to co-founding Synchronicity Mastering Services, Tom held a variety of positions of increasing authority with several respected organizations within the optical disc industry.

He is known to the industry based on his patents, his consulting services and his participation in the Optical Disc Manufacturing Organization (ODMA) where he headed the Drive Committee in 1998. In 1980, Tom started his career at DiscoVision Associates (DVA) as mastering technician.

Tom then joined LaserVideo (later known as Disctronics, DMI and now Cinram) to create their quality assurance department. During his tenure there he worked with a team to develop two patents on laser-read mastering machines.

He developed the quality standards for their Anaheim and Huntsville plants and was responsible for training all new employees for the quality department. In 1990, Tom joined Optical Disc Corporation, a mastering and replication equipment manufacturer, as their Senior Process Engineer.

In this role, Tom was responsible for satisfying a long-standing need in the industry – to connect the mastering equipment with the replication processes to improve overall yield and, as a result, he redesigned many pieces of the ODC mastering line to improve process performance.

Tom then joined Doug Carson Associates (the industry leader in signal processing and encoding of CD and DVD information) in 1994 where he led the Worldwide Customer Support organization, which was responsible for consulting and training DCA staff and customers throughout the world. In 1996 Tom joined Trace Optical to direct their mastering division.

In this capacity, Tom was responsible for worldwide sales and support of Trace’s CD and DVD mastering and electroforming equipment.


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