A Revolution for the Media Manufacturing Industry 

Purchasing Power

Colonial Purchasing Co-Op is committed to bring together qualified companies in the media manufacturing industry to aggregate the buying power of a large group.

By doing so, Colonial Purchasing Co-Op can provide better pricing, delivery and consistency of raw materials and other products. It is not that Colonial Purchasing Co-Op does this better than one company, it is simply a fact of size.

The more members we have the greater our purchasing power.

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Member Benefits

We bring together like minded companies, companies who are working through the same issues.

Colonial Purchasing Co-Op works to bring those issues out and to help members overcome problems.

Networking with other members has proven to have a significant improvement on overall production.

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Supplier Opportunities

We bring an organized way for suppliers to communicate and work with our membership. Communications are key to the success of any business. Having Colonial Purchasing Group as your voice, will clearly help everyone.

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